Jennie S. Hwang , Ph.D., D.Sc.

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  • 2003 Commercial Affairs (China Embassy NY): "A visionary and one of the most Accomplished Chinese American"

  • 2001 Today's Manager, Singapore: "...Her credentials read like a book of achievements...I look forward to meeting her recently at the 22nd story of Hilton International over a cup of tea at the business lounge. I wanted to know the dynamo behind this woman and to understand her philosophy of working in a fast paced environment..."

  • 2000 Ceramic Bulletin, U.S.A.: "Jennie S. Hwang may indeed have it all - a successful career, international recognition..."

  • 1999 The Mirror, Hong Kong: "The first Asian-American woman elected to the National Academy of Engineering...splendid life, elite of elite"

  • 1997 Advanced Materials & Processes, ASM, U.S.A.: ""Profiling of the Board of Trustee, Dr. Jennie S. Hwang..."

  • 1997 Case Alumnus, Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.: "Jennie S. Hwang is the first woman to be honored with Case's Kent Van Horn Distinguished Alumni Award...Is she a model for today's young woman? Only for those willing to work hard - and work smart..."

  • 1991 Material Panel Discussion - International Microelectronics & Packaging Society: "Hwang: We define materials as the substance out of which a thing is constructed or as precursory elements, which are to be made or incorporated in the finished goods. Under this definition, electronic materials are the substances out of which electronic devices/assemblies/modules are made, and they are the building blocks for the electronics industry. With the ever-changing, ever-demanding and ever competitive electronics industry, we have to continue to establish these building blocks for better and more reliable performance via improving existing materials or innovating new materials for targeted applications. The most challenging aspect of electronic material is its interdisciplinary nature. The key to fruition is the ability to integrate the "brains" of multidiscipline. Overall, electronic materials' future is brilliant and vibrant."