Jennie S. Hwang

Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D., D.Sc.

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International Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Corporate Executive, World-wide Speaker, Author, Corporate Director, University Trustee

Dr. Hwang's wide-ranging career encompasses international business operation, sustained leadership in worldwide manufacturing and technology services, innovative research, intellectual property management, global leadership positions, as well as corporate and university governance.

Her business experience spans across both corporate America and entrepreneurial companies. With 40-year hands-on international business and worldwide manufacturing operation, she has built new business within the corporate America having held senior executive positions with Lockheed Martin Corp., SCM Corp., Sherwin Williams Co., CEO of International Electronic Materials Corp. and co-founded entrepreneurial companies. Currently, her company provides business, technology and manufacturing solutions to the global industry. She has served as an advisor to many Fortune 500 multinational companies, as well as the U.S. government programs.

With four decades of globe-trotting experience, she is internationally recognized as a pioneer and long-standing leader in the fast-moving infrastructure development of electronics miniaturization and environment-friendly green manufacturing.

The confluence of her international business experience, global market savvy and broad-based technology expertise uniquely positions her to contribute to corporate vision, strategic directions and technological innovations to build global enterprises, driving growth, profits and innovation.

She is specially credited in bridging the gap between technology and marketplace, and in bringing innovations to commercialization.

Dr. Hwang has served as a board director for Fortune 500 NYSE-traded, NASDAQ-traded, TSX-traded and privately-held companies. In this capacity, she has served on Audit Committee, Nominating and Governance Committee, Strategy and Technology Committee and Compensation Committee. She also has served on university board of Trustees for 20+ years.

Additionally, she has served on a number of university, civic, professional and goverment-commissioned boards and committees (e.g., Chairman - Technical Assessment Board of Army Research Laboratory, U.S. Commerce Department's Export Council and National Institute of Standards & Technology, National Academies' Diversity Forum and National Laboratory Assessments Board, NASA, U.S. Department of Defense's Globalization Committee and Forecasting Future Disruptive Technologies Committee, Council on World Affairs & Committee on Foreign Relations, among others.)

Regarded, by many, as Renaissance woman, her work is highlighted by national and international awards and honors.

Among her many awards and honors, she has received U.S. Congressional recognition of Achivements; honorary doctoral degree; YWCA Women Achievement Award; was inducted into Women in Technology International Hall of Fame and Ohio Women Hall of Fame; and named one of 28 "R&D-Stars-to-Watch" (Industry week). She is featured as one of the ten luminaries in the inaugural volume: "Road to Scientific Success - Inspiring Life Stories of Prominent Researchers" (World Scientific Publications). Hwang is both the first woman from Ohio and the first Asian-American woman elected to the National Academy of Engineering. She also received her alma maters' distinguished Alumni Awards.

While receiving the YWCA Women of Achievement Award, citation was read as: "the first woman" is a way of life of Dr. Jennie Hwang. Throughout her career, Dr. Hwang has worked in the essentially male-environment having held countless "woman pioneering" capacities from being the first woman received the Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University's Materials Science and Engineering to the first and only woman National President of Surface Mount Technology Association.

She is a worldwide speaker, prolific author, the inventor of a number of patents and has 500+ publications to her credit including several internationally-used textbooks (published by McGraw-Hill, European and Japanese publishers). As a columnist for a globally circulated trade magazine, she addresses industry issues in market thrusts/global economy, trade, technology, manufacturing, business and workforce.

She has devoted some of her time in "teaching" as well. Over the years, along with her books, she has taught tens of thousands of professionals undertaking professional development courses, focusing on disseminating new technologies and providing the workforce continuing education and training.

As a sought-after speaker at the national and international events across the U.S. and abroad, her speeches and lectures have brought her to 25+ countries including, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, England, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, India, Thailand, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Australia, etc...

She shares her thoughts and vision with various audiences ranging from commencement keynote speech at universities to Federal Women's Program to the emerging technologies at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Her topics addressed include "Artificial Intelligence: Super-Exciting, Ultra-Competitive", "Can Acquisitions Bear Fruits-A Progmatic Perspective?", "Industry-4.0", "Cybersecurity - from Boardroom to Factory Floor", "Conflict Minerals - A Snapshot","Leadership", "Preparation for New Millennium-Education, Technology and Workforce", "Asia's Road to Economic Recovery-1997","Our Role in Science and Engineering", "Engineering Education", "Modern Manufacturing Workforce", "Accelerated Tax Depreciation for High-tech Manufacturing", " Women in Education, Technology and Workforce", "Affirmative Action", "Modern Asian-Americans", "International Trade and Trade Promotion Authority", "Changes and Coping with Changes", "Welcoming the Digital Economy", "Globalization-Technology, Trade, Workforce", "Solar energy - Sweet Spot", "Solar Energy - 10 Reasons Why Oils Prices Should Not Deter Solar Energy Deployment", "Solar Energy-Global Perspectives", "New Year Outlook-China Factor"...

In professional and civic services, Hwang has served on various leadership positions, e.g., National President of SMT Association, Chairman of Assessment Board of DOD Army Research Laboratory, Chairman of Advisory Board of College of Arts & Sciences of Kent State University, Co-Chairman of Government Relations and Public Polices Committee of IPC, etc. She also has served on various boards and committees including Cleveland Airport Business Council, Greater Lake Science Center, San Jose/Cleveland Ballet, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Surface Mount Technology Association, Materials Information Society, Kent State University, Cleveland State University Foundation, Case Western Reserve University, Council on World Affairs & Committee on Foreign Relations. Dr. Hwang has been a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, American Association of University Women, American Chemical Society, American Ceramic Society, American Society of Metals (Materials Information Society), IEEE, International Microelectronics and Packaging Society, among other organizations. She has also served on the international advisory board of Singapore Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center.

Dr. Hwang has long-standing international presence with citations by various press/publications throughout the world:

Her formal educaton includes Harvard Business School Executive Program, Columbia University Business School Corporate Governance program, and four academic degrees (PH.D., MS, MA, B.S.) in Engineering & Sciences from Case Western Reserve University, Columbia University, Kent State-Liquid Crystal Institute and Cheng-Kung University, respectively. She earned the first woman doctorate from Case Western Reserve University's Engineering School - Materials Science & Engineering and has served on the University's Board of Trustees since 1996.

An advocate for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education, the Dr. Jennie S. Hwang YWCA Award, in its 19th year, recognizing outstanding women students who study in STEM was established in her honor. The Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Award for Faculty Excellence recognizes faculty's exceptional performance. She was a featured speaker at Smith College when the College made history to be the first women's college in the United States to grant its own undergraduate degrees in engineering.

She has two children - Raymond, M.D., from Harvard Medical School (HST), M.S./B.S. from MIT Engineering School, and Harvard MBA; and Rosalind, a Wellesley graduate.

Her personal interests include ballroom dance, singing, classic fashion, reading, investment, and international relations and world affairs.