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Dr. Jennie Hwang
  Professional Highlights
  • Corporate Director & University Trustee
  • Entrepreneuer & Corporate Executive
  • International Business Woman
  • Worldwide Speaker
  • Prolific Author
  • National President, Professional Organization
  • Woman in Technology International Hall of Fame
  • "R & D Stars-to-Watch" (Industry Week)
  • YWCA Achivement Award
  • Distinguished Alumni Awards
  • National Academy of Engineering Member

  • Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Award for Women Students in STEM
  • Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Award for Faculty Excellence
Dr. Jennie Hwang Biographical Sketch
...highlighted by numerous national and international awards and honors...has contributed to three arenas-business, technology and academia, encompassing international business, global leadership positions, research management, innovative product development, technology transfer, as well as corporate and university governance...her business engagements span across both Corporate America and entrepreneurial companies...also has served as an advisor to U.S. government programs and a reviewer for various institutions and publications... with four decades of global-trotting experience, specially credited in bridging the gap between technology and marketplace and in bringing innovations to commercialization...a sought-after speaker at the national and international events across the U.S. and abroad, sharing her thoughts and vision with various audiences ranging from university commencement addresses to global industry workshops to the tutorial at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office...
Dr. Jennie Hwang Interviews
• Today’s Manager journal (Singapore): "...her credentials read like a book of accomplishments..."
• Alma mater CWRU (U.S.A.):"...Is Dr. Hwang a model for today’s young woman? Only for those willing to work hard and work smart..."
• Mirror magazine (Hong Kong): "...her splendid career comprising many facets of accomplishments..."
• American Ceramic Society (U.S.A.): "... may indeed have it all - a successful career, international recognition as a pioneer in worldwide..."
• OnBoard Magazine (Belgium): "...a leader and long-time contributor to..."
• Commercial Affairs (China-New York): "a visionary and one of the most accomplished Chinese-Americans..."
• Global SMT & Packaging magazine (U.K/Ireland): " industry icon..."

• Speaking Engagements
   -University Commencement speaker
   -DoD Federal Women's Program Keynote
   -International & National Events
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Dr. Jennie Hwang  Editorials
  • "Artificial Intelligence: Super-Exciting, Ultra-Competitive," 2018
  • New Year Resolutions and Best Wishes-2018
  • Can Acquisitions Bear Fruits-A Progmatic Perspective?-2017
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0):Intelligent Manufacturing-2016
  • New Year Outlook: China Factor-2016
  • SMTA-A New Milestone-2015
  • New Year Outlook-2015
  • Year End Review-2014
  • New Year Outlook-2014
  • Cyber Security: From Boardroom to Factory Floor
  • Conflict Mineral: A Snapshot
  • "Tin Whisker" editorial series
  • New Year Outlook-2013
  • New Year Outlook-2012
  • What Can We Expect in 2011?
  • The world’s largest solar energy powered sport stadium
  • Renewable Energy in Smart Grid
  • Solar Energy - Sweet Spot
  • Solar Energy - Photovoltaics
  • Solar Energy - Global perspectives
  • Solar Energy - 10 Reasons Why Oils Prices Should Not Deter Solar Energy Deployment
  • Globalization-Technology, Trade, Workforce
  • Preparation for New Millennium- Education, Technology and Workforce
  • Asia’s Road to Economic Recovery
• Building Trade and Relations with China
• Int'l Trade & Trade Promotion Authority
• Changes and Coping with Changes
• Accelerated Tax Depreciation for High-Tech    Manufacturing Equipment
• Modern Manufacturing Workforce
• Science and Technology Policies
• Our Role in Science & Engineering
• Engineering Education
• Women in Education, Technology and Workforce
• Affirmative Action
• Women’s Art, Women’s Vision
• Modern Asian-Americans
• What Can We Expect in Electronics Industry
• Welcoming the Digital Economy
• Leadership
• Entrepreneurship

• YWCA-The Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Award for Women Students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)  
• CSU-The Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Award for Faculty Excellence
Dr. Jennie Hwang Awards
• WIT International Hall of Fame
• Honorary Doctoral Degree
• R & D Stars-to-Watch
• Ohio Women's Hall of fame
• First Asian-American woman elected to   NAE
Dr. Jennie Hwang Corporate Governance
• Financial Times - AGENDA - contributing editorial
• Corporate Board Member Magazine - contributing editorial
• Corporate Director of Fortune 500 Co.
• Board Director of Professional Org.
• Board Director of Civic Organizations
• Trustee of University
Dr. Jennie Hwang Professional/Civic Services
• Chairman/co-chairman of Advisory Boards
• Judge for Awards of Foundations / Org.
• Reviewer of Books, Publications
• International Advisory Board

Books and Publications

• Implementing Environment-friendly   Electronics
• Environment-friendly Electronics:   Lead-Free Technology
• (Ref.:Publications)